The activities and services of qualified members of other professions, such as physicians,

psychologists, psychoanalysts, registered nurses, social workers, or ordained or licensed

recognized religious practitioners performing counseling consistent with the laws of the

state, their training, and any code of ethics of their professions, provided they do not

represent themselves by any title or description in the manner prescribed in Section 34-

8A-2. Nothing herein shall prohibit religious counselors performing counseling services

without remuneration.

Mad Monk

                            New Age Spiritual Non-judgmental Counseling


He may be just mad enough

to know what you're going through...



For spiritual counseling, or for just someone with whom to email/correspond, the Mad Monk has experience with dysfunctional family-life, unemployment, addiction, suicide of

a loved-one, suicidal thoughts, multi-dimensional relationships

(i.e. "it's complicated"), and the realm of the metaphysical.


                   Those in emergency situations or in crisis need to

                        call 9-1-1 or a crisis line such as The National

                             Hopeline Network at: 1-800-SUICIDE



                                 A statement from the Mad Monk:

Having had a wide variety of experiences, I often come across people
who seek answers to life's extraordinary challenges & I do my best to
help them--whether it's advice or just a listening ear! I not claiming to

be a professional counselor, but I can relate to many people from all

walks of life due to my direct experiences with:

childhood physical & sexual abuse, violence, a highly dysfunctional

childhood home life with an alcoholic father, school bullying,
crises of faith, being involved in Fundamentalist Christianity,
studying alternative religions such as Wicca, eastern teachings &
beliefs, etc. I've also had to deal with my own personal demons such
as addictions for over 25 years & am currently dealing with PTSD as

a result of my past childhood experiences, as well as being the
surviving twin sibling of suicide. I've also dealt with such bizarre
experiences as ghosts, E.S.P., and alien abduction, which is very
traumatic & terrifying!
I have a belief that WE ARE GOD'S CHILDREN, we are the LIVING ESSENCE OF THE CREATOR & therefore once we grasp that deep

yet simple concept we CAN take control of our lives & create the life

we desire! The Universe is a loving, kind, supportive place & it

responds to our deepest desires, our attention, our very will--

so use it wisely!
It's been a long winding road full of highs, lows & sideways
experiences, yet, to me it's still very much worth it!
We're all in this together, all on this beautiful Mother Earth & share
it with her lovely children of fin, feathers, & fur and I long for the
day when we all treat one another with deep LOVE & respect!
Please do feel free to contact me & ask me anything and I'll do my

best to help!
Love & Light
Mad Dan






From the Alabama Code, regarding Board of Examiners in Counseling, activities exempt from chapter, limitations on rights of counselors.



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The Mad Monk does not charge for this counseling. However, if you are so inclined, NON-tax-deductible donations are accepted via PayPal at


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